Reflexology also known a ZONE THERAPY, involving application of pressure for the feet and hands, with specific thumb, finger, and hands techniques.
What Can I Expect from my First Reflexology Visit?
  •  A consultation will be taken on your first visit to establish an overall picture of your general health and lifestyle.
  •  The session will begin with a relaxing foot massage involving movements to loosen the ankles and increase the blood flow to the area
  •  In a treatment session the reflexologist is applying firm pressure to specific points on the foot.
Benefits of Reflexology
  •  Help to improve metabolism and energy creation process in body
  •  Speed up healing of wounds
  •  Give relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia
  •  Help with a headache and migraines
  •  Help alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause
  •  Stimulate internal organs
  •  Relief pain, congestion


Foot Reflexology (45 min)  £ 30.00