Beginning with nails trimming and shaping. The hands are then soaked and scrubbed to remove dead skin leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.Cuticle work with cuticle massage cream and cuticle remover cream. The moisturiser applied using gentle massage boosting circulation to the hands and leaving them feeling very relaxed and looking beautiful.The moisturise is followed by painting during which a base coat is always applied to protect the nails along with two coats of colour and a fast-drying protective coat making basic manicure a good choice for any budget.


SPA Manicure  £ 18.00
SPA manicure with Paraffin Wax Therapy  £ 25.00
SPA manicure and Shellac  £ 30.00
French SPA Manicure  £ 20.00
Tidy and Polish  £ 8.00
Tidy and French  £ 10.00

A full manicure is recommended once a week to keep your nails healthy and looking their best.


Acrylic nails: available in a white tip (French polish effect) or natural nails.Can be worn with or without polish. The plastic tip is applied at the end of the natural nail. We use a mixture of acrylic liquid and powder to create a good solid formula building it up on the natural nail and the extended tips.


Pink and White Acrylic  £ 25.00
Colour Tips  £ 25.50
Acrylic White Tip/Natural Tip  £ 20.00
Overlay (on your real nails)  £ 15.00
Hollywood Toes((toe nail extension)  £ 25.00
Infills Acrylic  £ 15.00
Removal of Nail Enhancement  £ 8.00
Repair of Single Nail  £ 2.50
High Gloss Coat  £ 2.00
Full Set Acrylic & Shellac  £ 30.00