The Pedicure is a fancy way of getting your feet done. A Pedicure removes dead skin, soften your hard skin, shapes and treats your toenails.A Pedicure begins with a foot bath, you will then have an exfoliating rub with files, salts or minerals to slough off dead skin and your cuticle will be removed, and toenails cut and shape.

Your Pedicure will usually close with the massage of your feet and lower legs.A good Pedicure
leave you feeling fresh, light and relaxed.

A Pedicure isn’t the same as chiropody, but regular Pedicure can support any work you are having done by chiropodist and may prevent you from needing further treatment.

Luxury Pedicure includes softening paraffin wax to hydrate your nails and feet.

There are multiple reasons to indulge yourself in a Pedicure – for a beauty, for healthy feet, for relaxation, for pampering.


Pedicure  £ 25.00
Colour Tips  £ 25.50
French Pedicure  £ 22.00
Spa Pedicure & Shellac  £ 35.00
Tidy & Polish  £ 8.00
Tidy & French  £ 10.00
Luxury Pedicure  £ 30.00